Sunday, 21 January 2018

Smoked Cheddar Cheese Nut Roast

I have lots of flavoured cheddar cheese in the fridge from Christmas and the New Year.  We have been snacking on them in the evening with crackers, but I have also decided to incorporate some of it into our cooked meals.

This is a Smoked Cheddar Cheese Nut Roast that I made to accompany Sunday Veggie Roast Dinner. 
D is never excited by nut roasts.  So to please him I told him he would also get some mock meat slices on his plate (left over from a previous meal).   This Smoked Cheese Nut Roast recipe comes from Green Gourmet Giraffe.  Johanna's version is vegan. 
Wow this was a flavourful nut roast.  

It was very textual too. I changed it just a little, but they are not worth mentioning really.  Adding a red pepper for colour and upping the smoked paprika and Smoked cheddar cheese and finally because it just seemed right, I had to use the Outback Spirit Tasmanian Pepper Salt seasoning that Johanna sent me last year all the way from Australia.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Spring Onion Salad Dressing for Pasta

Gusts of 80 mph winds last night and the early hours of the morn kept us on edge as we slipped between sleep and being awake.

We heard smashing glass and imagined that our greenhouse was gone. We heard the slamming and pounding of  rain on the window panes and feared dislodged slates from the roof.  We heard the wind howling in rage; and feared that the big tree behind our house may fall and cause our home some damage and there was nothing we could do.  It all sounded a lot worse than it actually was.  Yes there were smashed glass panes and it will be frustrating for D, as it is every year he has to patch it together, but thankful it was not worse. The tree behind our house is strong and home to many birds.  I hope it withstands the battering of climate change. as for the greenhouse, - I always wonder will we ever live in a place where the greenhouse withstands mother natures torment.  I say this as every year, no matter where we have lived our greenhouse has been damaged by the natural elements.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Spicy Tomato Pasta Bake with Vegan Chorizo

I have mentioned before that one of the most popular recipes on my blog is the vegan Chorizo sausages made with vital wheat gluten thanks to Terry Hope Romero.  

Since vital wheat gluten is a lot more accessible now from Suma Wholefoods and stocked by many health food stores across the UK,including most cities in Wales.  I have been making it every year, but this is not to say that we indulge in faux meat all the time or that our meals have to be 'seitan faux 'meat' and two veg', its is actually not as I still find the texture of faux meat, especially seitan 'meat' unusual.  For a veggie Sunday Roast, I would still always favour a nutroast in place of a 'Seitan' Roast with Stuffing.  However, saying all that I do like to experiment and those of you who know me now through blogging, will know that I do enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients, but always with fruit and vegetables.  After all, I am sure if you do your research, my humble blog would have been the first in the UK  showing the versatility of fruit and vegetables, for example putting vegetables, other than carrots, parsnips and pumpkins into desserts, but lets ignore that.